The No-No’s of Website Design

Is your website driving away customers? You might be pushing potential clients and money away if you are committing any of these website sins.

You cannot try to build a website that will appeal to every single person. You need to decide who is your target customer and build the site around them. Always remember to order your site in a clean logical manner. Lots of people try to jam too much information on the front page of their site, when in reality, that makes the whole site seem more cluttered.

The path from the first click to the sale has to be extremely easy. The more clicks, the less likely they are to continue through to the purchase. Personal pet peeve, making the user set up an account before they can make a purchase. The site should allow people to purchase on their own terms

Review your site’s analytics before redesigning your new site (if possible). Google analytics will tell you what keywords are typing in to find your site. Once you know the major keywords, then build your site with those in mind.

Your website is never finished. There are always new features to add, pages to reword and blog posts to write. Keep finding ways to constantly add new content. This will help the customers stay interested in your product. And more interest will drive up your web rankings as well.

It is a good idea to see what your competition is up to, but don’t copy everything they are doing. If you look too much like another business, they will have a hard time seeing the difference between companies.

Do not to be afraid to get help. If you don’t know what you are doing, hire a professional. Website developers can build sites exactly to your specifications and will take you much less time.

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