Podcasting is a great way for me to share my passion with others easily. I speak into my microphone / recording studio and give away free information. Whether it be information about WordPress, other business tools or about being a Christian Entrepreneur, I love sharing with the world.

This is a podcast that I started in December of 2010 and it has been a huge success. Each week, I record a 18-24 minute show about a WordPress topic. The topic is either something that I brilliantly thought up, or it is a question that has been submitted by a listener.

All of the shows are completely free and are packed with tons of great information. Check it out today at:

The Business Online Podcast was my very first podcast that I launched. The show is very broad in nature and covers things like, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, etc.

This show isn’t nearly as regular as Your Website Engineer podcast, but still I feel the urge to share information that isn’t related to WordPress. You can listen online at: BusinessOnlinePodcast.com