Podcamp / Wordcamp Columbus 2010

This weekend I was able attend my first ever Podcamp / Wordcamp conference at The Ohio State University and wow, it was awesome. I was super excited to learn; however, there were so many great sessions, most hours I had to pick the one that looked the MOST interesting and hope that people were recording some of the sessions that I didn’t attend.

The four sessions that I attended were:
– How to keep your WordPress site secure
– How to find clients on LinkedIn
– Podcasting from an iPad
– How to make money by podcasting

I got excellent information there and I will be sharing some of it shortly.

The coolest thing about the whole conference was I got to meet one of the podcasters that I listen to weekly. Cliff Ravenscraft from Northern Kentucky was there from the Podcast Answer Man. He is such a great down to Earth guy. We spend some time talking after his session as he cleaned up some of his gear. I told him how I would be moving to the Dayton area in August and he suggested that we should do lunch. I could hardly believe it!

Excellent conference, plus a ton of networking. I can’t wait for next year. Hopefully, there are lots of these conferences within driving distance, because it was totally worth it. I spent $3.00 and won a free iPad holder and a free LinkedIn consultation!

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