Common Mistakes Web Developers Make

1. Forgetting about Website Standard Conventions
Even since the internet was developed, users have been trained how to interact with a website. People will get frustrated with a site if things don’t match their expectations such as

Text that is underlined is not a link
They click on an icon in the header expecting to go to the home page, only to find it goes no where
It takes severa…

Are Your Passwords Secure?

Over the last few days, I have been bombarded with information overload about online security – mainly dealing with passwords.

I’m afraid that everyone that uses a computer will do at least one of these things. We as humans are horrible with password management. We surf on free internet in coffee shops, we use the same passwords for a gazillion different sites and we never change our passwords…

Interview with Rob Bunting

Today I did a guest interview with Rob Bunting of He is a Search Engine Optimization Czar. I found out some great information from him and he is a great resource if you need to help with Search Engine Optimization. Today we talk about the importance of using WordPress for a small business…

New Podcast Started

I am pleased to announce that I recently started a podcast to share free information with the community about how to use online tools to run your business more effectively.

You can find out more information at…

Podcamp / Wordcamp Columbus 2010

This weekend I was able attend my first ever Podcamp / Wordcamp conference at The Ohio State University and wow, it was awesome. I was super excited to learn; however, there were so many great sessions, most hours I had to pick the one that looked the MOST interesting and hope that people were recording some of the sessions that I didn’t attend.

The four sessions that I attended were:
– How…

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